Right to Work is Wrong for New Hampshire

Out of state interests and NH Republicans are playing party politics at the expense of working people.

They have introduced deceptive ‘right to work’ legislation which is just another attempt by CEOs and corporate interests to end unions as we know them.

This misleading bill will not make it easier to find a job and it will not benefit local businesses or hardworking Granite Staters.

Right to Work is wrong for New Hampshire and our legislators need to hear from us.

Call your State Representative Now:

What to Say

Tell your state representative:

  • Your name, that you're a union member and the town you live in

I'm calling you today because Right to Work legislation would:

  • Reduce wages for everyone
  • Reduce job safety
  • Make it harder for police and firefighters to negotiate for faster response times & lifesaving emergency equipment

That’s why I’m asking you to vote ‘no’ on right to work legislation.