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AFSCME Retirees: Dave Jacobsen

In Florida, AFSCME Retiree Dave Jacobsen tells his fellow members that staying politically active is the key to success.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Beverly Sample

AFSCME Retiree Beverly Sample comes from a strong New Jersey union family. Even in retirement, her family’s legacy of union activism shows no signs of fading.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Sonia Moseley

AFSCME Retiree Sonia Moseley has been in the vanguard of the fight to give nurses a voice on the job.

Pete Levine |

Honoring the Past, Fighting for the Future

AFSCME Retirees are a big factor in our union’s growth agenda. Their message to working members is clear: “We need to keep fighting for what previous generations have won.”

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Jeff Birttnen

AFSCME Retiree Council Chair Jeff Birttnen reveals the core belief uniting all AFSCME Retirees.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Ruth Walker

Stories of hostility to workers have haunted — and motivated — HGEA Retiree Ruth Walker.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Retirees: Mary Cannon-James

Having witnessed the birth and death of collective bargaining in Iowa, Retiree Mary Cannon-James shares important lessons for working AFSCME members.

Pete Levine |

New York 911 Operator Honored with Statewide Award

Meet AFSCME Council 66 member and 911 operator Loretta Anderson, whose job is unseen and often unappreciated. Not any longer, though.


Louisiana Governor Wins Reelection as Working Families Make Their Voices Heard

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards won reelection – becoming the only pro-worker governor in the Deep South – thanks to working people, including AFSCME members.

AFSCME Staff |

Tulsa Water Distribution Admin Is ‘Awesome Person’ and Problem Solver

Laura Chance of Oklahoma Local 1180, works behind the scenes to make sure employees of Tulsa’s water department have everything they need to keep the water distribution system up and running.

Pablo Ros |

Union 411: Collective Bargaining

AFSCME Staff |

AFSCME Members Stand Up Against Outsourcing at University of California

University of California system’s outsourcing practices spark another unfair labor practice strike as thousands of AFSCME members demand fairness and dignity.

Mark McCullough |

AFSCME Stands with Dreamers as Supreme Court Weighs their Future

AFSCME will continue to stand with Dreamers, whose future is being weighed by the Supreme Court in a case involving an Obama-era policy known as DACA.

Pablo Ros |

Inside a Union Family Food Truck

Museum Workers Stand Up to Owners After Being Laid Off

Workers at the Marciano Art Foundation, who were fired soon after organizing a union through AFSCME Council 36, are fighting the move.

Pete Levine |

California Merger: Local 1, Council 57 Agree to Unify

By joining with AFSCME Council 57, Public Employees Union members have gained a much stronger voice.

Martin Ricard, AFSCME Council 57 |

Round-the-Clock Commitment to Public Service

Some AFSCME members perform public service during and after work. Like Oregon member Vanessa Nordyke.

David Kreisman, Oregon AFSCME |

AFSCME Members Help Secure Pro-Worker Victories Nationwide

In states and cities nationwide, working people made their voices heard on Tuesday, electing pro-worker candidates and further fueling the momentum in favor of working people.

AFSCME Staff |

Los Angeles Retiree Selma Benjamin: Dedicated and Determined at 100

At 100, Los Angeles retiree Selman Benjamin remains dedicated and determined – and AFSCME Strong.

Pete Levine |

Knocking on Doors, Firing Up Voters in Virginia

AFSCME members, along with hundreds of their sisters and brothers from other unions, are working hard in cities across Virginia to turn out the vote on Election Day, which is Tuesday.

AFSCME Staff |

Iowa Workers Vote for Recertification – Again

For the third consecutive year, Iowa workers have voted overwhelmingly to recertify their union.

Pete Levine |

City Workers in San Antonio Choose to Unite Through AFSCME

AFSCME is the union preferred by 6,000 workers at the City of San Antonio. They chose AFSCME to represent their interests before management.

Antonio Lewis |

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree with New AFSCME Benefit

Exciting new benefit: Introducing a bachelor’s degree completion program for AFSCME members and their families.

Pete Levine |

On the Record: Child Care for All

Thanks to a new state law, California child care providers have collective bargaining rights – the freedom to negotiate for better compensation and benefits, the ability to stand together in a strong union.

Across the Nation, Workers Are Striking Like It’s 1986

Workers are increasingly making their voices heard as they seek a bigger share of the economic pie. Union can amplify their collective voice.

Pablo Ros |

For Nevada Psychiatric Nurse, His Union Helps Him ‘Concentrate on Caring for People’

Alonzo Thornton is a psychiatric nurse in Nevada who says that it’s because his union has his back that he can “concentrate on caring for people.”

AFSCME Staff |

A Celebration for California’s Child Care Providers

California child care workers celebrate winning collective bargaining rights, joined by their governor and AFSCME President Lee Saunders.

Pete Levine |

New Book Shows AFSCME’s Role in Key Fights that Shaped Labor

Former New York Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse visited AFSCME International to talk about his latest book and the future of labor.

Pablo Ros |

AFSCME Members Help Make the Wheels of a Unique Bus Go Round

Thanks to AFSCME members, a school bus filled with food items is helping South Florida students fight hunger.

Mark McCullough |

House Bill Simplifies and Fixes PSLF, Overhauls Higher Education

The College Affordability Act will help fix the broken Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Pete Levine |

AFSCME Stands with Striking Chicago Public School Teachers

CTU represents 25,000 teachers, paraprofessionals and clinicians. They are demanding that newly elected Mayor Lori Lightfoot deliver on her campaign promises.

Pete Levine |

Saunders Urges ‘Back to Basics’ Strategy for 2020 Win and Beyond

What will help pro-worker allies win elections in 2020 and beyond? A “back to basics” strategy of organizing through face-to-face conversations, AFSCME President Lee Saunders says.

AFSCME Staff |

Quick Thinking, Decisive Action Save Connecticut Member’s Life

Heroic actions by his alert, quick-thinking colleagues saved a Connecticut member’s life after he suffered a workplace accident.

Larry Dorman, AFSCME Council 4 |

California Nurse Once Thought About Quitting but Persevered

Early in Brian Zeringue’s career, a patient died on him. He thought about quitting, but thanks to support from his colleagues, he persevered – and his community is better off for it.

Pablo Ros |

Advancing (In)Justice: AFSCME Condemns Layoffs at Asian American Nonprofit in Los Angeles

We condemn the sudden layoffs of 18 staffers at Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles – many of whom led the effort to unionize through AFSCME.

AFSCME Staff |

First Contract Ratification Points to Power of Collective Bargaining

Washington state assistant attorneys general, who fought for collective bargaining rights in the legislature, overwhelmingly approve first contract.

WFSE and Jashua Bane |

Online Training Available for AFSCME Women Leading Change

Attention AFSCME members. The 2019 Women’s Leadership Academy Online is gearing up to offer a new series of trainings. Find out how to sign up.

Namita Waghray |

AFSCME Members Rally to Protect LGBTQ Rights

We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community, as AFSCME members showed during a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court today. The court is hearing three cases involving LGBTQ rights.

Pete Levine |

Now that Janus Failed, Alaska’s Anti-Public Services Governor Resorts to Dirty Tricks

Alaska’s governor and attorney general want to make it harder for unions in the public sector to collect dues. But a judge said no.

Pablo Ros |

We Support Bill to Cut Drug Prices

Congress should pass H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which would lower prescription drug prices for all Americans.

By AFSCME Staff |
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