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AFSCME Council 5’s ‘Day On the Hill’ Brings Together 1,200 Retirees and Members

AFSCME members in Minnesota made their presence felt at the Statehouse in St. Paul during their annual “Day on the Hill.”

David Kreisman |

Staffing Woes Continue to Plague New Mexico Prisons

Council 18 and a local news outlet expose Gov. Susana Martinez’s administration’s failure to boost staffing in New Mexico’s state-run prisons.

Kevin Brown |

Winning a Long-Overdue Raise – and Building Their Union

Jacksonville, Florida’s Local 1279 experienced huge growth in early March thanks to a strong contract campaign for a new multi-year contract.

Mark McCullough |

A Right We Cannot Take for Granted

Before March 1842, the right of workers to come together, form a union and have a voice on the job didn’t fully exist. This is how it became legal.

Pablo Ros |

Friday the 13th Redefined for Union Plus American Dream Sweepstakes Winner

Frank Valone’s $30,000 grand prize marked the end of the American Dream Sweepstakes sponsored by the Union Plus Credit Card Program.

Union Plus |

AFSCME Women Make a Difference Every Day

On Tuesday, during Women’s History Month, AFSCME staff heard three inspirational women tell us about becoming leaders in their union.

Clyde Weiss |

A Friend Never Quits on a Friend, or a Co-Worker. That’s Why He’s a Hero

A co-worker’s fall on the ice could have been tragic, but Minnesota AFSCME member Dan Johnson’s quick thinking ensured his friend and co-worker got the help he needed – when he needed it the most.

Clyde Weiss |

DC EMTs and Paramedics Vote to Join AFSCME

Nearly 200 emergency medical technicians and paramedics serving the nation's capital voted to join AFSCME District Council 20.

Justin Lee |

AFSCME Reacts to House Leadership Pulling the Health Care Bill

Read AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders’ reaction to the decision to pull the House health care bill shortly before members were scheduled to vote on it.

AFSCME Staff |

VMO Strengthens New California Local

A California member describes why she decided to become a volunteer member organizer.

Kevin Brown |

Listen Up, Congress! This AFSCME Member Has a Message for You

AFSCME retiree Patricia Byrd went to Capitol Hill with a clear message: Hands off our Medicaid.

Pablo Ros |

An Era of Scorn for Our Government Workforce

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders blasts right-wing politicians who scapegoat and undermine public workers.

Lee Saunders |

No on Neil Gorsuch for the U.S. Supreme Court

AFSCME asks senators to reject Judge Neil Gorsuch for a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

AFSCME Council 65 Expands by 156 Workers in South Dakota

Organizing win: A total of 156 employees at the South Dakota Developmental Center are now covered by AFSCME Council 65.

David Kreisman |

We’re Better Than This Trump Budget

Watch our latest video to learn how President Donald Trump’s budget proposal would be a disaster for our country.

‘I Know I Was Right, AFSCME Helped Me Prove It’

A state employee in Florida was wrongfully terminated. AFSCME helped her win her job back.

Mark McCullough |

Prepared for Anything

In late November, Joe Thompson and his team received a call from Bruce Miller, a hunter who needed help fast. Check out this video to see how Joe never quits.

Women in PA Take Never Quit Attitude to a New Level

A record number of Pennsylvania public service workers attended AFSCME Council 13’s Women’s Conference this year.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

New York Emergency Medical Technician Killed in Ambulance Hijacking

AFSCME is mourning the death of New York City Emergency Medical Technician Yadira Arroyo, killed by a man who attempted to commandeer her vehicle. A fellow EMT was injured.

Alfredo Alvarado, District Council 37 |

Cool Job: Animal Trainer

A New York animal trainer describes his cool job in his own words.

Trump’s Budget Plan a Disaster for Working People, Poor

President Trump’s budget plan “cuts nearly everything that matters to working families,” said President Lee Saunders. Here’s what it does and doesn’t do.

Clyde Weiss |

How Medicaid Cuts Would Hurt People with Disabilities

Video by the Center for American Progress shows how slashing Medicaid would devastate Americans with disabilities, who rely on the program for their health care needs.

Raju Chebium |

Strength to Meet the Challenges Ahead

AFSCME’s commitment to organize and protect working people and challenge management to treat them with fairness, dignity and respect continues unabated despite a hostile political environment.

Pablo Ros, Justin Lee and David Patterson |

Your Money, Your Goals: Announcing Financial Education Clinics for Members

Announcing a valuable benefit for AFSCME members: Free clinics where you can learn how to better manage your finances.

Peter Levine |

How Trump’s Voters Stand to Lose

If President Trump really wants to go to bat for the people who voted for him, he won’t slash government safety net programs.

Pete Levine |

An Ice Bucket Challenge for Republicans in Congress

The Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the House health care bill is a bucket of ice-cold water for critics of the Affordable Care Act.

Pablo Ros |

Times of Change, Times of Challenge

Times may be tough but AFSCME members remain focused on their mission to serve their communities.

Jesse Berney |

Have Van, Will Travel … Far

Twice a week, CSEA member James Boisvert drives a single hearing-impaired student to a school for the deaf – more than 140 miles away and he never quits on the student.

Clyde Weiss |

WA Retirees Fight to Restore Basic Cost-of-Living Increases

In Washington state, retirees lobbied lawmakers this week to approve a cost-of-living increase this year. It would be the first since 2010.

Clyde Weiss and Derek Van Spoor, RPEC/AFSCME Chapter 10 |

Where Can You Find Atrocious Conditions? Try Private Prisons.

A private prison operator forced tens of thousands of immigrants who were detained on suspicions of being undocumented to work for $1 a day or for free, according to a lawsuit.

Pablo Ros |

NUHHCE/AFSCME Adds 275 PA Hospital Employees

NUHHCE/AFSCME District Council 1199C has grown by 275 members – all employees of Mercy Philadelphia Hospital. It’s further proof that working people view unions as a vehicle to the middle class.

Salima Pace, NUHHCE/AFSCME District 1199C |

Saunders to Iowa: We’ll Stand Together and Build Together

Hundreds of Iowa Council 61 members – clad in AFSCME green – flooded the Iowa State Capital this week to stand up against attacks on working people.

John Noonan |

In Memoriam – Kevin M. Haverly, Deputy Sheriff, Greene County, New York

AFSCME is mourning the loss of Deputy Sheriff Kevin M. Haverly of Greene County, New York. The 26-year-old lost his life, on duty, in a single-car traffic accident.

Clyde Weiss |

America Badly Needs an Infrastructure Upgrade

America’s infrastructure is in desperate need of upgrading and we are pretty sure Trump’s approach is not going to cut it.

Peter Levine |

House ACA Replacement Is Really Tax Cut for Wealthy

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders criticized the proposal by House Republicans to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), calling it “no replacement at all” for working Americans.

Pablo Ros |

Don’t Forget: Today Is ‘A Day Without a Woman’

The same spirit of resistance behind the Women’s March on Washington underlies today’s “A Day Without a Woman.”

Pablo Ros |

IA Pol’s Degree Is Bogus

Wile also attacking working families, an Iowa state senator touted his “business degree” from a steakhouse chain.

John Noonan |

EXTRA! for March 7, 2017

Stories of interest to working people for Tuesday, March 7, 2017.

AFSCME Staff |

Never Quit Video Wins International Award

AFSCME won a Telly Award this year for its “Never Quit” video featuring Rachel Cooper, a school cafeteria manager in Atlanta.

Pablo Ros |

EXTRA! for March 6, 2017

Stories of interest to working people for Monday, March 6, 2017.

AFSCME Staff |
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