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Ohio Gov Blocks Minimum Wage Vote in Cleveland

Clevelanders won’t be able to decide next year if employers in their city should pay workers at least $15 an hour, thanks to Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Raju Chebium |

A One-Two Punch to the Average American

The incoming Trump administration is getting ready to deliver a one-two punch to working families by undoing two Obama labor laws that would have put more money in our pockets.

UNITE HERE, 2 Trump Hotels Announce Agreements

Victory! UNITE HERE has reached agreements with Trump Hotels in Las Vegas and Washington, DC, after going to the mat with AFSCME’s backing.

Raju Chebium |

Illinois Prison Workers Play Santa for Homeless Families

Local 1866 chose to be nice, rather than naughty, and give gifts to those less fortunate.

David Kreisman and Anders Lindall |

A Few of Labor’s Gifts to Working People

Check out five reasons (and more!) to thank the labor movement this holiday season.

Raju Chebium |

This Is Not Just a Cat Story

What keeps Ken DiPerna coming back to Massasoit Community College is a family of feral cats that lives in a wooded area right in the center of campus.

Pablo Ros and Tiffanie Bright |

Master Puppeteer Dazzles, Educates Young and Old Alike

Meet Bruce Cannon, master puppeteer and AFSCME member. Kids love him and the puppets he brings to life. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself in our video.

Raju Chebium |

NJ Member Joins Elite Group – Competes on Jeopardy! on National TV

A New Jersey librarian and AFSCME member got the chance to show off her general knowledge as a contestant on Jeopardy!

Raju Chebium |

American Dream or American Nightmare?

For those born in 1980, the chance of earning more than their parents at age 30 had dropped to 50 percent. It’s a coin toss for them; the American Dream could just as easily become a nightmare.

Pablo Ros |

Racine Recycling Worker Killed on the Job by Motorist

Public service employees like Mark Gates put themselves at risk every day to keep their communities clean and safe.

How Progressives Can Better Communicate with Working Families

AFSCME’s director of research and collective bargaining, Steven Kreisberg, joined a roundtable discussion to provide some answers.

Pablo Ros |

Victory for Patient Care – San Diego’s Sharp Nurses Ratify Contract

Victory! The nurses at Sharp HealthCare in San Diego have ratified a new contract that will go far toward solving nurse shortages that are at the heart of the five-month dispute.

Clyde Weiss |

Seymour Police Union Launches Aggressive Plan to Protect Kids: Child ID Program

An AFSCME local in Connecticut is making it easier for police to find missing kids. The Seymour Police Union is providing a valuable public service by distributing 3,000 Child ID Kits to families.

Kevin Zapf Hanes and Larry Dorman |

Obamacare Repeal First Order of Business for New Senate

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to sign legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act into law.

Raju Chebium |

Our Voices

As public service workers we never stop. Because it’s not just a job, it’s a calling.

Attacks on Wisconsin Corrections Officers Reach Crisis Level

At Wisconsin correctional facilities, staff shortages are leading to increased assaults, a situation that’s reached a crisis level.

David Patterson |

Our Voices

Meet the members who help make our communities thrive.

Talks Resume for San Diego's Sharp Nurses

Contract talks have resumed between Sharp HealthCare in San Diego and the members of Sharp Professional Nurses Network (SPNN), avoiding a threatened three-day strike this week.

Clyde Weiss |

AFSCME Supports Rallying Airport Workers

On Nov. 29, let's stand with airport workers across the country who are demanding $15 an hour and better working conditions.

Pablo Ros |

Judge Blocks Obama Rule Giving Overtime to Millions

Corporations give thanks to a federal judge for preventing millions of workers from getting the overtime they deserve.


The FMLA: How It Protects Our Families and Our Jobs


The Best Job in the World

“It’s the best job in the world.” That’s how Toni Monique Taloa described caring for her sister in her home in Buena Park, California.

California Nurses to Strike 3 Days This Month to Improve Patient Care

Sharp Healthcare nurses authorize a strike.

Clyde Weiss |

South Florida Immigration Clinic Helping Members Become Citizens

The Citizenship Clinic put on by the South Florida AFL-CIO CLC helps immigrant union members become U.S. citizens.

Namita Waghray |

More Than 1,000 AFSCME Members Flood Battleground States

AFSCME members are leaving nothing to chance as they flood battleground states to support pro-working family candidates.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Latina Equal Pay Day

It takes more than 22 months for Latinas to earn what white, non-Hispanic men earn in 12.

In Florida and Texas, Right-to-Work is No Obstacle

AFSCME members in Florida and Texas are organizing their unions and making them stronger than ever despite anti-union laws.

Olivia Sandbothe, Namita Waghray & Pablo Ros |

In Maryland, AFSCME Strong Secured an Anti-Outsourcing Victory

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan should have thought to ask Manisha Patel how she felt about her job before he tried to outsource it to a private contractor.

Olivia Sandbothe, Namita Waghray & Pablo Ros |

Outbreak: Gun Violence Is a Health Crisis

For AFSCME Member Scott Byington, hardly a night goes by that he doesn’t treat a person wounded by a bullet.

Pablo Ros |

Yvette Silas-Pinson: Q&A with a Rising Leader

Yvette Silas-Pinson of Council 67 in Maryland is one of dozens of participants in the Women's Leadership Academy. This is her story.

Pablo Ros |

Innovators: Tapping into Public Employee Potential

Snowplowing is safer in Ohio because two state transportation department mechanics – OCSEA members – thought outside the box.

Deirdre O'Neill-Wedig, OCSEA/AFSCME Local 11 |

Running to Represent Workers

Meet these Connecticut AFSCME members running for office.

Connecticut Council 4 |

Fighting for Better Patient Care and R-E-S-P-E-C-T in Connecticut

More than 900 Connecticut hospital workers are new AFSCME members.

Olivia Sandbothe |

Protecting Our Children

Protecting our children is our No. 1 priority. The child ID kit can help parents and grandparents do just that.

Support Our Fallen Brother

When shots were reported in downtown Fairbanks, Sgt. Allen Brandt did what law enforcement officers do: He went toward the danger.

Council 31 Members’ Message for Rauner: Come Back to the Table

Illinois Council 31 members are featured in an ad asking the governor to bargain with them.

David Kreisman |

Two Hundred-Plus County Employees Join AFSCME in Indy

230 Marion County workers choose AFSCME after newly elected officials granted their employees the right to bargain collectively.

David Patterson |

Keeping Our Children Safe

Keeping our children safe is job #1. Your free child ID kit should help your peace of mind.

Pablo Ros |

Bus Driver Renita Smith Lauded for Heroic Actions

Renita Smith treats the children on her school bus as though they were her own. So when she smelled smoke, she led all 20 children off the bus away from the smoke and fumes.

Gold Medal Parents

This AFSCME family’s values spur an Olympic gold medalist.

Mike Lee, DC 37 |
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