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Cincinnati Unions Key to Successful Book Drive

Members of AFSCME Ohio Council 8 never quit giving back to their community. Their latest effort: donating more than 1,000 books to a Cincinnati school.

Joe Weidner, AFSCME Council 8 |

The Lingering Cost of Education

The student debt crisis reaches across generations. Our union can help.

Olivia Sandbothe |

Becoming AFSCME Strong One Door at a Time

After an intensive AFSCME Strong training session, AFSCME Florida leaders across North Florida are taking lessons they learned back to their fellow members.

Mark McCullough |

For Scholarship Winner, AFSCME Has Always Been Part of the Family

This college freshman is heading to college, knowing that his parents’ union has his back.

Mark McCullough |

Boston Police Officer and AFSCME Member Saves Shooting Victim

Jonathan Cahill, a Boston Public Health Commission police officer and Local 787 member, was off-duty when a young man was shot nearby.

Zac Bears |

CSEA Retiree Finds Second Calling in Local Politics

With the help of local labor groups, this AFSCME retiree is running for office.

Olivia Sandbothe |

Don’t Let Wall Street Grab Your Retirement Savings

Financial advisers are not required by law to put your best interests over theirs. President Obama’s trying to fix that but the right-wing lawmakers are blocking the way.

Clyde Weiss |

Worksite Unity Ignites Reclassification Win

With a never-quit attitude, employees of the Miami-Dade County (FLA) Public Works Department won the compensation they deserved.

Mark McCullough |

AFSCME Sanitation Worker Goes Viral

A smile, a wave, a cupcake and a friendship that went viral.

Anders Lindall |

Over 10,000 Rally in Illinois, Demanding Governor Rauner Stop His Hostage-Taking

Chanting “Stop hurting our state!” thousands rallied at the Illinois Capitol to protest Governor Rauner’s harmful inaction.

David Kreisman |

Let’s Take On Wall Street by Demanding Real Changes from Congress

We’re demanding real change for working people everywhere. #TakeOnWallSt

On the (AFSCME Strong) Road Again

Minnesota state patrol vehicle inspector Jim Ullmer Jr. recently traveled 1,009 miles to talk to members. He’s AFSCME Strong!

Clyde Weiss |

Nursing Assistant Works to Improve Health Care in New Hampshire

For 32 years, nursing assistant Brenda Howard has never quit serving the patients of her community. And now she’ll serve her state on the new commission for health care workforce.

Zac Bears |

Overtime Rule Will Give Millions an Overdue Raise

The administration’s overtime rule more than doubles the existing overtime salary threshold, so white collar salaried employees who earn less than $47,476 annually will now be eligible for overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours in a week.

Omar Tewfik |

AFSCME Members Help Twin Cities Renters Find Better, Safer Homes

Members of AFSCME Local 668 (Minnesota Council 5) are helping low-income families find a decent place to live to raise their kids.

David Patterson |

9,300 Phone Calls + 1,400 House Visits Proves CSEA Is AFSCME Strong

Members of New York’s CSEA Local 1000 recently signed more than 1,800 Never Quit campaign cards, demonstrating their commitment to their union.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

EMS Workers Save Lives and Communities

On EMS Week, let’s remember and give thanks to the many EMS professionals who save lives and make their communities better.

Pablo Ros |

Q&A With Johanna Puno Hester

Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Q&A with AFSCME’s Johanna Puno Hester.

Pablo Ros |

Does Your Pet Have Union Pride?

The union is all about supporting our families—including our pets. Share yours with us and see what happens next.

Olivia Sandbothe |

AFSCME Members Help Defeat Paycheck Deception in Missouri

AFSCME members helped block efforts to push ‘paycheck deception’ legislation through the Missouri Legislature this week. A veto override failed, thanks to their hard work.

Alexandra Townsend, Missouri Council 72 |

President Obama Meets with AFSCME Member in Flint

Tyrone Wooten, an AFSCME member in Flint, Mich., met with President Obama May 4 to discuss the water crisis caused by lead.

Dave Patterson |

Correctional Sgt. Rick Neyssen: Professionalism Key to a Dangerous Job

It’s National Correctional Officers and Employees Week. In their honor, we share the story of Minnesota Correctional Sgt. Rick Neyssen.

John Noonan |

Serious Dangers for Workers Behind Prison Walls

During National Correctional Officers Week, read about Sgt. Curtis Doyle’s harrowing experiences and the effect of his work on his life and family.

Zac Bears |

Child Care Services Are Worth a Living Wage

It’s time that we recognize the immense value of child care providers.

Olivia Sandbothe |

AFSCME Couple to Celebrate 14 Years of Love at Convention

Cindy and Doug Cook couldn’t be more excited about attending AFSCME’s 42nd International Convention in Las Vegas this July. Their love was "union-made."

Pablo Ros |

Splash Medics Continue Mission to Prevent Child Drownings

AFSCME Local 4911 members in Riverside County, Calif., founded Splash Medics last year to provide life-saving water safety tips to children. They’ve taught more than 2,000 kids so far.

Justin Lee |

At Lebanon Correctional Institution in Ohio, 100 Percent AFSCME Membership

At the correctional institution where Phil Morris is president of OCSEA Chapter 8310, AFSCME membership is at 100 percent.

Clyde Weiss |

Would You Like Ribs or a Hot Dog with Your AFSCME Strong?

Hot dogs, BBQ and discussions about their union and politics were just a few highlights of a picnic for AFSCME members across Miami-Dade County, Fla.

Mark McCullough |

Honoring the AFSCME Members Who Never Quit Helping Others

We’re honoring the AFSCME members who Never Quit when it comes to serving their communities.

Illinois Direct Support Personnel Push for a Pay Raise

The Illinois public service workers who provide care to thousands of children and adults with developmental disabilities are fighting for a living wage.

David Kreisman |

Member Takes Workplace Violence Fight to DC

AFSCME Minnesota member Eric Hesse, at a Capitol Hill press conference, called for reforms needed to prevent violence against health care workers.

Omar Tewfik |

Public Safety at Risk from Malloy ‘Austerity’

AFSCME members in Connecticut are fighting to prevent state employee layoffs and deep cuts to vital services during the next fiscal year.

Larry Dorman/AFSCME Council 4 |

Super-Rich Hiding Trillions from Taxman

The Panama Papers leak shows that ultra-rich individuals and corporations are hiding assets and not paying their fair share in taxes.

Pablo Ros |

Never Quit: Ray DeRusha


Never Quit: Rachel Cooper


Never Quit - Ronnie Roberts


Never Quit - Audrey Lake

Never Quit: In Oregon, a Fight for Fairness

Oregon AFSCME won a grievance arbitration worth about $500,000 for Department of Corrections employees who had been short-changed.

Kevin Brown |

Governor Dayton Seeks $177 Million for Safe Staffing

With mental health facilities severely understaffed, Gov. Mark Dayton calls for $177 million to improve patient care and safety.

Michael Byrne |

Working Families Win in Friedrichs, But Attacks Won’t Stop

On March 29, the U.S. Supreme Court announced a tie vote in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, a case that was the latest attempt by wealthy special interests to silence the voices of public sector workers by targeting their unions.

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