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Middle Class Fall Tied Directly to Union Decline

More than one-third of the decline in the middle class during the past 30 years is explained by the decline in union coverage, a new study reveals.

Michael Byrne |

AFL-CIO Sees Positive Movement on Wages

Working people last year won significant victories in efforts to improve wages and working conditions, reports the AFL-CIO in a new study.

Clyde Weiss |

Paramedic Rushes In, Saves Elderly Woman from Fire

Paramedic Lt. Michael Daddona decided he could not wait for firefighters, rushing into the two-story house to rescue an elderly woman from smoke and flames.

Alfredo Alvarado, DC 37 |

Park Worker Comes to Rescue of Slashed Officer

New York City Parks worker Joanna Zeno, a member of DC 37, pursued a suspect in an attack at a park and helped police arrest her.

Diane Williams, DC 37 |

Workers Stand Up To Supreme Court Threat

Hundreds of workers assembled outside the U.S. Supreme Court to protest the ongoing attacks against working families from wealthy special interest groups.

Pablo Ros |

My Name is Stephanie

AFSCME Member from Ohio Delivers Petition: Stop the Attacks!

Stephanie Wiley helped deliver petitions demanding a special interest group stop using the U.S. Supreme Court to attack middle-class families.

Pablo Ros |

They’re AFSCME Strong and They Want You to Be, Too

Detroit public service workers Phyllis McMillon and June Clark epitomize AFSCME Strong, knowing that one-to-one conversations with co-workers is what’s needed to build power at a time when workers are fighting for their rights on the job.

Clyde Weiss |

What you need to know: U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Anti-Worker Case

Must read Q&A about a U.S. Supreme Court course that could undermine the right of workers to negotiate together for better wages and benefits to sustain their families.

Taking Back Our Union: Here's How We're Growing Stronger

For the first time in more than 30 years, Chicago cab drivers have a union — a driver-led AFSCME local chartered with the goal of solving tough problems that range from burdensome revenue-raising regulations to police harassment.

David Kreisman & Clyde Weiss |

Women's Leadership Academy

Thousands Rally for Fairness Across Illinois

Thousands of AFSCME members and retirees sent a loud and boisterous message to Gov. Bruce Rauner this month: Anti-worker agendas have no place in Illinois.

David Kreisman |

Fight Against Outsourcing Starts Early

Too often the dangers of outsourcing hit us when the proverbial train has already left the station, making the pushback efforts that much harder. But AFSCME members at the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department got ahead of the curve.

Mark McCullough |

City Workers Honored for Rescuing Elderly Woman

Two AFSCME Local 2703 (Council 57) members were honored by the Merced, California, City Council for their efforts in rescuing an elderly woman who fell in her back yard.

Kevin Brown |

Forty Years of Service, Seeing with His Hands and Ears

Mike Conrad has worked as a mechanic for LA County for 40 years, rebuilding air system brake calibers and fire pump pilot valves, among other things. He’s also been blind since birth.

Pablo Ros |

Ohio Corrections Officer Is Making Her Local AFSCME Strong

In the last few months, Bobbie-Jo Heinlen of OCSEA has signed up 50 new members of her local and dozens of PEOPLE MVPs.

Pablo Ros |

More Evidence of Shrinking Middle Class

Another study points to the “hollowing of the American middle class,” a cautionary note to policy makers who want to curtail workers’ ability to improve their conditions through unions.

Clyde Weiss |

Bus Driver and Attendant Save Girl from Wild Dog

A 5-year-old girl in the clutches of a wild pit bull was rescued Oct. 9 by a bus driver and bus attendant, both represented by AFSCME Local 2251.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Attorneys Address Challenges Facing Public-Sector Workers

Lawyers for AFSCME and SEIU came together recently to strategize about challenges threatening workers’ rights.

Clyde Weiss |

Communities Deserve Services, Not Schemes

Government deals with big banks to fund social services are bad news: They lack transparency, assign risk to the public and show no evidence of making services better and more efficient.

Omar Tewfik |

NOLA Taxi Drivers Push for Seat at the Table

Members of New Orleans Cab Drivers for Justice/AFSCME Local 234 are demanding a seat at the table on transportation policy.

Namita Waghray |

Headed Off to College? AFSCME Can Help

AFSCME members and their children or dependents can apply for scholarships that could substantially reduce college costs.

AFSCME Protesters Trump the Donald in Iowa

AFSCME members take on The Donald at his own event in Davenport, Iowa, on Dec. 5. His policies: Bad for working families.

David Patterson |

DC 37 Members Lobby for Puerto Rico Support

Members of New York DC 37 came to Washington last week to advocate for federal support for Puerto Rico.

Pablo Ros |

Showcasing Union Value in Small Town

AFSCME Local 3918 in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, is a small union, but its members are AFSCME Strong.

Mark McCullough |

Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 Chartered

A little over a year after a few Chicago cab drivers approached Council 31 about getting a union, Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 received its official charter and local number.

David Kreisman |

Perez: Unions Essential for ‘Upward Mobility and Economic Security’

U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, commenting on recent contract ratifications by members of United Auto Workers, called collective bargaining “one of our most powerful forces for upward mobility and economic security.”

Clyde Weiss |

Women Describe Path Forward for Unions

In an extraordinary conversation, AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders sat with the leaders of three of the country’s largest unions, discussing solidarity, the fight for public workers, rights and the might of sisterhood.

Michael Byrne |

Contract Ratification Boosts School Employees

AFSCME Florida Local 1184 contract ratification campaign nets economic and union-building improvements for Miami-Dade Public School employees.

Mark McCullough |

Women Need Economy that Works for Everyone

The gender wage gap may be closing, but that’s not necessarily good news, the Economic Policy Institute says. Wages for women are stagnant and men’s wages have been falling.

Olivia Sandbothe |

Take Action on Friedrichs this Week: Stop the Attacks

This week, join fellow AFSCME sisters and brothers and working people across the country to say enough is enough! Sign the petition!

Omar Tewfik |

Documentary Film Shows Threat to ‘Right to Unite’

Watch the trailer for “The Right to Unite,” narrated by Bradley Whitford, known for his role on The West Wing. The clip tells the story of 2 women, whose lives were destroyed by a Supreme Court ruling that limited their workers’ rights.

Pablo Ros |

Archivist Picked for Health and Safety Advisory Council

Library of Congress archivist Nan Thompson Ernst will serve on the Federal Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health.

Pablo Ros |

Member Opens Veterans Museum

Glenn Dusablon, president of AFSCME Local 2869 (Rhode Island Council 94), has created his own military artifacts museum honoring veterans.

Clyde Weiss |

Lynn Loveday Honored for Helping Homeless

Lynn Loveday, state vice president of AFSCME Council 94, was recently honored by the United Way of Rhode Island for her leadership to increase labor’s efforts to help her state’s homeless population.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Workers Shed Light on an Out-of-Balance Economy

Pittsburgh-area union leaders and members are on hand to launch a public awareness campaign about the need to strengthen Pittsburgh’s middle class.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

EMS Workers Tackle Issue of Fatigue and High Turnover

AFSCME members shine a light on the alarming rate of employees leaving American Medical Response in Independence, Missouri.

Justin Lee |

Community and Labor Fight for Fair Wages and a Fair Contract

Members of AFSCME Local 350-5 (Council 75) in Milwaukie, Oregon, won a fair contract after pressing their demands at City Hall.

Kevin Brown |

Sacramento Local 146 to Showcase Apprenticeship Program

AFSCME Local 146 in Sacramento, Calif., is showcasing its ‘Earn While You Learn’ apprenticeship program this week.

Kevin Brown |

Taking Time to Honor Those Who Care by Fixing Our Long-Term Care Crisis

Homecare is the fastest growing industry in the country. Every day, 10,000 people in this country turn 65—but even as the need for long-term care increases daily, the work of homecare providers remains undervalued and under appreciated.

UDW/AFSCME Local 3930, the Homecare Providers Union |
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