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How 100 CEOs Equal 50 Million Families

Shocking new study shows the top 100 CEOs have as much retirement assets as 41 percent of all American families.

Clyde Weiss |

The Anti-Worker Forces Behind a U.S. Supreme Court Case

The American Prospect magazine article reports on the corporate-backed, anti-worker forces behind a US Supreme Court case.

Clyde Weiss |

Maryland Next Waver Feels Urgency of the Moment

"The more active you become in your union, the more you get to see what can be done,” says Sgt. Kyle Shanholtz of AFSCME Local 1772, Council 3.

Pablo Ros |

Winning a Raise Was Just the Beginning

AFSCME Texas Corrections Officers recently won a double-digit pay raise, but for two members getting AFSCME Strong, victory means more than money.

Namita Waghray |

No Rescue Effort Needed for This AFSCME Couple

Sparks flew in the 911 dispatch center of the New York City Fire Department as Oren Barzilay first laid eyes on Tyiesha Hinton. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and, being the union steward, grabbed the opportunity to talk to her.

Pablo Ros |

Parish Cab Drivers Rally for Fair Rules

About 50 cab drivers and their community supporters have a clear message for New Orleans-area jurisdictions: The rules should apply to Rideshare drivers too!

Namita Waghray |

Ohio CO Taken Hostage After Safety Breach

A convicted double-murderer took a female corrections officer hostage for 11 hours in an Ohio prison Oct. 18 after a “cost-saving” practice called “pull and move” left her in a population of inmates but alone at her post.

David Patterson |

For Latina Leaders, AFSCME Strong is Close to Home

For Josette Jaramillo and Betty Jo Aragon, AFSCME Strong is deeply personal. Jaramillo and Aragon, president and vice president of AFSCME District Council 76 respectively, are from Pueblo, Colorado, a city where nearly half of all residents are Latino.

Omar Tewfik |

Child Care Providers Seek Voice

For Minnesota child care provider Lisa Thompson, having a union means having a voice to advocate for quality child care.

John Noonan |

Paying Their Dues: A Love Story

Here’s how a one-on-one conversation between a union organizer and a laid-back, nonunion social worker led to 45 years of marriage, four children and eight grandchildren, and a long career in the labor movement.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Corporations Want to Silence Workers’ Voices. We Won’t Let Them

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to take up a case in January called Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association that could open the door to a full-fledged attack on workers’ rights.

Laura Reyes |

Missouri State Workers Need a Raise

Missouri state employees are currently ranked the lowest paid among all states, a situation that state workers are seeking to remedy with appeals to Gov. Jay Nixon and state legislators.

Namita Waghray |

AFSCME Strong is Key to Increase Membership

Tina Rees, a member of AFSCME Local 258, recently received an award from Council 57 in California for her efforts engaging her coworkers in the union.

Pablo Ros |

AFSCME Mourns Loss of Wisconsin Leader Marty Beil

Within his AFSCME family, Beil was regarded as a gentle giant: outspoken and pointed with foes of working men and women, but a soft-spoken mentor and friend to his union sisters and brothers, and colleagues.

Cynthia McCabe |

Thank you, Brother Beil


AFSCME Public Safety: We Fight, We Win

Gov. Rauner Threatens to Stop Health Care Payments

llinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has taken the fight over a new state budget to a new low: He’s stopped making payments to doctors, hospitals and others that provide health care to people covered by the state’s insurance plan.

David Patterson |

How Latinos Can Reinvigorate the Labor Movement

A new report from the Labor Council from Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) declares that “Latinos are perfectly positioned to join unions in large numbers.”

Pablo Ros |

Paramedic Activist Seeks to Lift Up EMS Profession

EMS solidarity: California paramedic Jared Kirby traveled to Ohio to help EMTs and paramedics there build a union with AFSCME.

Justin Lee |

High Poverty Rate a Distress Call for More Worker Rights

Poverty remains an unchanged fact in this country. A new report shows that, despite our nation’s economic recovery, the rate of poverty remains unacceptably high.

Pablo Ros |

Puerto Rico Members Visit DC to Seek Solutions to Fiscal Crisis

A delegation of public workers from Puerto Rico, members of AFSCME Council 95, visited Washington, DC, to meet with members of Congress and U.S. Treasury officials to discuss the fiscal and budgetary challenges faced by working people on the island.

Pablo Ros |

Pope Francis: Standing Up for Worker Justice

As Pope Francis prepares to visit the United States this week, let’s remember his message of support for working people across the globe. Here are some favorite quotes.

John Noonan |

Big Win for Largest U.S. Probation Department

The LA County Deputy Probation Officers Union/AFSCME Local 685 overwhelmingly voted in favor of a bargaining agreement that will improve public and personal safety.

Kevin Brown |

Chicago, New Orleans Cabbies Join Global Uber Protest

Hundreds of AFSCME-represented cab drivers in Chicago and New Orleans joined cab drivers from around the world Sept. 16 in a “Global Day of Action Against Uber” and other unlicensed rideshare taxi operations.

David Kreisman and Namita Waghray |

Public Safety Congress Gets AFSCME Strong

Hundreds of AFSCME first responders gathered in Albuquerque, N.M., for the 2015 Public Safety Congress to discuss important issues regarding public safety, service and building power through AFSCME Strong.

Omar Tewfik |

Campaign Helps Reduce Violence in Minnesota Hospitals

Minnesota state hospital workers – AFSCME Council 5 members – waged a successful public education campaign to improve safety against violent attacks by patients.

Jennifer Munt and Clyde Weiss |

Contract Oversight is $1.25 Million Payoff

District 1199J, NUHHCE/AFSCME reached a settlement with the county that will mean big increases in many paychecks following a settlement to fix a contract oversight.

Kevin Zapf Hanes |

Study: Unions Boost Economic Mobility

People climb the economic ladder easier where unions are strong, says a new study by the Center for American Progress.

Clyde Weiss |

Unified Locals AFSCME Strong with New Contract

AFSCME Locals 1328 and 1781, representing 2,400 clerks, LPNs, maintenance, PCAs and other professional and critical staff at UF Health Jacksonville, overwhelmingly approved a new three-year contract.

Mark McCullough |

Member Is Victim in Wave of Violence

Clarence “Wade” Havvard, an AFSCME Local 725 member and employee of the Indianapolis/Marion County Department of Public Works (DPW), was killed Aug. 26 in a wave of violence that has struck the city in recent weeks.

David Patterson |

CLUW Has Questions, and Solutions, on Women’s Health

The Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) is calling on women to complete a brief survey on what health information they need and the social media networks in which they participate.

Joye Barksdale |

Love in the Union: Rick and Rachel

Did you find love in your (labor) union? If so, we’d like to hear your story.

Pablo Ros |

AFSCME Wisconsin Wins Raise for Milwaukee County Workers

A majority of Milwaukee County employees now have a 1.5 percent cost-of-living wage, thanks to the persistence of Wisconsin AFSCME Council 32.

Clyde Weiss |

City Concessions Allow Employees to Avert Strike

Troutdale, Oregon members who voted overwhelming to strike for better health care benefits, were still on the job after city negotiators conceded workers’ demand for quality health care, a 9% pay raise over 3 years, increased paid leave and much more.

Kevin Brown |

Ten Years after Katrina, Solidarity Overshadows Tragedy

Ten years after the storm, we can still say about our AFSCME sisters and brothers: They rose to the challenge.

Pablo Ros |

AFSCME Members Establish Innovative Youth Court

For more than a decade, AFSCME Local 1624 Pres. Judy Cortez and Austin Municipal Court Judge John Vasquez, have been working in their free time to establish a mobile problem-solving youth court, or Youth Diversion Program.

Omar Tewfik |

Members at Bankrupt Nonprofit Get $2.5 Million

When news broke in March of the bankruptcy of New York City’s largest nonprofit, the Federation of Employment and Guidance Services (FEGS), the future of 1,400 employees represented by AFSCME Local 215 (DC 1707) was at the mercy of the bankruptcy court.

Kevin Zapf Hanes and G.L. Tyler |

Gallup Poll: ‘Americans Want Unions’

6 out of every 10 Americans now supports labor unions – a phenomenal five-point jump over the previous year. That’s the latest from a Gallup poll showing that during the past year, Americans’ approval of unions skyrocketed to its highest point in 7 years.

Clyde Weiss |

Women Still Fighting for Voting Rights

It is hard to believe that – on the 95th anniversary of the 19th Amendment that gave women the vote – women are still fighting for the right to cast their ballots unhindered by restrictive voter ID laws.

Clyde Weiss |

Here's to 80 Years of Social Security -- and at Least 80 More

Social Security is a major source of income for most of the seniors in this country; 9 out of 10 individuals older than 65 receive Social Security retirement payments. It’s one of our most beloved government institutions.

Lee Saunders |
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