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Worth the Fight: Archived Posts

Working Families Win Big in New Hampshire

Working families won big in New Hampshire today as state lawmakers voted by a wide margin to kill a right-to-work bill.

Pablo Ros |

Tom Price Is Bad for Your Health

The man President Trump chose to oversee our nation’s health care system, Tom Price, believes tax cuts for the wealthy are more important than health and retirement security for working families.

Uprising Against DeVos Shows Power of Activism

Betsy DeVos became secretary of education by the narrowest possible margin. AFSCME members and others came oh so close to winning that fight and proved that activism matters.

Jesse Berney |

Trump Doesn’t Want You to Join a Union

“Right-to-work” laws do not give anyone the right to work. If anything, they do the opposite.

Pablo Ros |

What Trump's Infrastructure Plan is Really About

President Donald Trump says has a plan to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure, but here's what his plan is REALLY about.

Peter Levine |

Supreme Court Pick Must Prove His Independence

President Donald Trump boasts that his Supreme Court nominee is in the same mold as deceased conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. But Trump must remember that the job of the justices is to act independently and in the nation’s best interests.

Pablo Ros |

AFSCME Celebrates Black History Month

Perseverance. Community. Heritage. Family. Download our poster and join AFSCME as we celebrate Black History Month.

AFSCME Opposes Trump’s Bigoted and Irresponsible Migrant Ban

“AFSCME is proud to join thousands in states across the country to speak out against Donald Trump’s bigoted and irresponsible executive order” banning Muslims from certain countries from entry into the U.S., said President Lee Saunders.

Clyde Weiss |

Voter Fraud? What You Talkin’ About, Trump?

What voter fraud? President Donald Trump alleges—falsely—that there’s massive voter fraud. But there’s no evidence that this is true.

Raju Chebium |

Trump’s Pick for Education Secretary Deserves an ‘F’ in Education

Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos has no serious qualifications for that job and supports privatization of education. We say ‘no’ to DeVos.

Clyde Weiss |

Equal Pay for Women and Men Still Elusive 8 Years After Lilly Ledbetter Law

This Sunday marks the eighth anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. That law was a milestone on the road to equal pay but also serves as a reminder of how far the country has to go.

Pablo Ros |

Despite Relentless Attacks, AFSCME Continues to Grow

Despite a nationwide decline in labor union membership last year, AFSCME continues to grow. Last year, our union saw a net growth of nearly 12,000 members.

Pablo Ros |

Where’s Palin When You Need Her?

As part of his plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, the Trump administration is floating an idea long popular with many Republican lawmakers to convert Medicaid into a block-grant program.

Pablo Ros |

Senate Infrastructure Plan Is What Our Country Needs

Senate Democrats today proposed a plan to invest in our nation’s infrastructure, from roads and bridges to broadband internet and school buildings, and create 15 million new jobs.

Pablo Ros |

Trump’s Wrong Choice for OMB

Trump’s choice to head the Office of Management and Budget wants to make huge, arbitrary cuts that will cost America jobs and could send our economy into a tailspin.

Obama Overtime Rule May Find New Life in the States

If President Trump fails to expand overtime protections for working people, some state legislators say they will.

Omar Tewfik |

March This Weekend, Organize for the Next Four Years

In response to the swearing-in of the new president, thousands upon thousands of Americans are flocking to the nation’s capital to give voice to their views and their values.

Lee Saunders |

The Women’s March is for Everyone

The Women’s March on Washington, which will be held Saturday, January 21, 2017, is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people in our nation’s capital.

Pablo Ros |

Iowa Vets to Pols: Our Issues Are Working Family Issues

Hundreds of Iowa vets tell legislators that their issues are aligned with the concerns of working families.

David Patterson |

Tom Price Is Coming for Your Health Care

Hearings start Wednesday for Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services, and we have some questions for him.

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