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Worth the Fight: Archived Posts

Obamacare Repeal First Order of Business for New Senate

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to sign legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act into law.

Raju Chebium |

Judge Blocks Obama Rule Giving Overtime to Millions

Corporations give thanks to a federal judge for preventing millions of workers from getting the overtime they deserve.

California Nurses to Strike 3 Days This Month to Improve Patient Care

Sharp Healthcare nurses authorize a strike.

Clyde Weiss |

Latina Equal Pay Day

It takes more than 22 months for Latinas to earn what white, non-Hispanic men earn in 12.

In Maryland, AFSCME Strong Secured an Anti-Outsourcing Victory

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan should have thought to ask Manisha Patel how she felt about her job before he tried to outsource it to a private contractor.

Olivia Sandbothe, Namita Waghray & Pablo Ros |

Outbreak: Gun Violence Is a Health Crisis

For AFSCME Member Scott Byington, hardly a night goes by that he doesn’t treat a person wounded by a bullet.

Pablo Ros |

Corporations Rake in Profits, so Trump Wants to Lower their Taxes. Huh?

Corporate profits are soaring but taxes on those profits are at near record lows, reports the Economic Policy Institute and Americans for Tax Fairness.

Clyde Weiss |

When There’s a Drop in Union Jobs, All Workers Earn Less

More union jobs means more money for everyone.

African American Women’s Equal Pay Day Is August 23

African-American women have to work nearly eight months – that’s 238 days into the next year, to earn as much as white, non-Hispanic men did in the previous year.

Jasmine Tucker, National Women’s Law Center |

It’s About Time – Federal Government to End Use of For-Profit Prison Operators

AFSCME applauds the Justice Department’s decision to end the use of private, for-profit firms to run America’s federal prisons.

Clyde Weiss |

The Voting Rights Act at 51: Why It Must Be Restored to its Full Power

51 years ago today the Voting Rights Act was signed into law. This is why it must be restored to its full power.

Erica Nash-Thomas |

America Has Gone Seven Years Without a Raise

The cost of living has risen by more than 10 percent since 2009, but millions still rely on the same minimum wage.

Olivia Sandbothe |

We're Winning the Fight for $15

Workers are rising up to fight for better pay and a union. They won't be stopped.

Secretary-Treasurer Laura Reyes |

The Lingering Cost of Education

The student debt crisis reaches across generations. Our union can help.

Olivia Sandbothe |

Don’t Let Wall Street Grab Your Retirement Savings

Financial advisers are not required by law to put your best interests over theirs. President Obama’s trying to fix that but the right-wing lawmakers are blocking the way.

Clyde Weiss |

Let’s Take On Wall Street by Demanding Real Changes from Congress

We’re demanding real change for working people everywhere. #TakeOnWallSt

Child Care Services Are Worth a Living Wage

It’s time that we recognize the immense value of child care providers.

Olivia Sandbothe |

Super-Rich Hiding Trillions from Taxman

The Panama Papers leak shows that ultra-rich individuals and corporations are hiding assets and not paying their fair share in taxes.

Pablo Ros |

Working Families Win in Friedrichs, But Attacks Won’t Stop

On March 29, the U.S. Supreme Court announced a tie vote in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, a case that was the latest attempt by wealthy special interests to silence the voices of public sector workers by targeting their unions.

Senators Must Do Their Jobs on Court Nomination

It’s time for our elected officials to stop playing games and get to work on the next Supreme Court justice.

Olivia Sandbothe |
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