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Resolutions & Amendments

27th International Convention - Chicago, IL (1986)

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Resolution No. 13
27th International Convention
June 23-27, 1986
Chicago, IL


The House of Representatives recently adopted H.J. Res. 3 which calls for resumption of negotiations with the Soviet Union leaning toward a comprehensive ban on nuclear weapons test; and


H.J. Res. 3 specifically provides (1) that the President should propose to the Soviet Union the immediate resumption of negotiations toward conclusion of a verifiable comprehensive test ban treaty and (2) that the President should request Senate approval of two U.S. Soviet treaties signed in 1974 and 1976, but never ratified; and


The Senate adopted the language of H.J. Res. 3 as an amendment to the fiscal 1985 defense authorization bill by a vote of 77-22 which the Reagan Administration opposed; and


The House and Senate vote on H.J. Res. 3 represents a clear repudiation of the Administration's arms control policy with respect to nuclear testing.


That this 27th International Convention reaffirms AFSCME's support of legislation to curb the arms race and urges Congress to approve appropriate legislation to achieve that goal.


Stephen M. Culen, Executive Director
AFSCME Council 31
Springfield, Illinois

John L. Rhoades, President
Local 38, Council 31
Jackson, Illinois