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Resolutions & Amendments

27th International Convention - Chicago, IL (1986)

Support to PSI-affiliated Unions

Resolution No. 59
27th International Convention
June 23-27, 1986
Chicago, IL


AFSCME, along with all other free trade unions around the world, is committed to organizing unorganized workers into free democratic unions of their own choosing as well as to assist the progress of newly organized unions in the early stages of their development; and


Many of these new and developing unions require assistance in training in the skills necessary for making them an effective force in dealing with these employees; and


AFSCME in the past, has provided valuable assistance in the areas of leadership training, organizing and union administration and other areas of labor management relations; and


Anti-union worldwide attitudes are making it more and more difficult for workers to organize and form unions of their own choosing; and


Newly emerging governments such as those in Haiti and the Philippines require assistance in developing secure labor-management relations.


That AFSCME continues its support of the activities of Public Services International including the translation of AFSCME educational materials, presentations of educational programs to PSI participants, and the locating and volunteering of bilingual staff to conduct training and other activities on behalf of the PSI.


Frank Morelli, President
Robert Taylor, Secretary
Local 983, Council 37
New York, New York