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Resolutions & Amendments

28th International Convention - Los Angeles, CA (1988)

Save Patient Care Technical Bargaining Unit at the University of California

Resolution No. 83
28th International Convention
June 20-24, 1988
Los Angeles, CA


The 4,000 employees at the five University of California (UC) hospitals in the Patient Care Technical (PCT) bargaining unit exclusively represented by AFSCME have been under attack for four years by the University in an attempt to destroy our union; and


This attack culminated last year in the denial of any wage increase at all for 1,653 PCT employees in spite of a neutral fact-finder's recommendation that UC could afford and should implement a 3% increase; and


The results of a survey conducted by AFSCME International indicated that PCT employees were more dissatisfied with their contract than other groups. And that a concerted organizing effort directed towards these workers could result in increased membership and benefit the union as a whole; and


The recent organizing effort of Fall, 1987 that focused on the hospitals showed that a concerted effort with national support could yield good results.


That the International Union continue to work with Council 10 to develop specific programs to assist in organizing PCT employees at the University of California and to fight against the anti-union campaign being waged by their employer.



Resolutions Committee