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Resolutions & Amendments

36th International Convention - Anaheim, CA (2004)

Goals of the PEOPLE Program

Resolution No. 28
36th International Convention
June 21 - 25, 2004
Anaheim, CA


In 2004, the Presidency, 34 U.S. Senate seats, all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and numerous state and local offices will be up for election. There are now 14 states that have passed campaign laws requiring labor unions to use voluntary money for state and local elections. It is crucial that AFSCME participate fully in these elections to protect AFSCME members' jobs, wages, benefits and working conditions; and


AFSCME PEOPLE Committees work to implement successful political, legislative, and fund-raising programs. PEOPLE Committees establish grassroots lobbying programs to respond effectively to local, state and national legislative initiatives. PEOPLE Committees develop and maintain a corps of trained, active political volunteers and institutionalize political fundraising. PEOPLE Committees have demonstrated their ability to screen, endorse and campaign for candidates for office and to lobby elected officials. PEOPLE Committees have also demonstrated their skill in raising PEOPLE voluntary funds; and


Business and right-wing organizations that oppose labor's interests will continue to spend millions of dollars against us, and our ability to fight anti-labor interests depends on a well-structured PEOPLE organization in every AFSCME council, local and retiree chapter in the country; and


The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) of 2002 increased many of the hard money contribution limits in exchange for banning soft money in federal elections; and


The Bush-Cheney re-election campaign's unprecedented fundraising haul has relied on an elite group of 416 "super-donors," including 26 new "bundlers" newly disclosed by the campaign. The Bush campaign now has 165 Rangers, those fundraisers who bundle at least $200,000 in individual contributions, and 251 Pioneers, who each have brought in at least $100,000.


That AFSCME adopt as a national goal, the establishment of standing PEOPLE Committees in each local, council and retiree chapter. In those states where more than one council exists, those councils, with the assistance of the International, will develop a joint PEOPLE structure to ensure full participation in the state's political process; and


That each council and local Director/President submit to the national PEOPLE Committee the name, address and telephone number of the PEOPLE Committee chairs from their respective councils and locals; and


That AFSCME members, through the PEOPLE Program, will continue their excellent political and fundraising work by striving toward a PEOPLE fundraising goal of at least $4.00 per member per bi-weekly pay period for the 2004 elections; and


That affiliates will make it a top priority to reach a minimum goal of 10 percent participation in the PEOPLE program at the VIP level. Affiliates currently at or above 10 percent participation should strive to increase participation an additional five percent.


Chris Dugovich, President/Executive Director and Delegate
Ron Fredin, Vice President and Delegate
Judy Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer and Delegate
AFSCME Council 2