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Honoring Our Beloved Law Enforcement Dogs

Pictured: “C.J.” of Buffalo, New York, Local 1095 (Council 66)
Honoring Our Beloved Law Enforcement Dogs
By Pete Levine ·
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AFSCME law enforcement and public safety officers put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe. These heroes sometimes depend on valued canine counterparts, whose bravery is only matched by their devotion.

Tireless and fearless, these dogs are unsung heroes. Whether it’s helping to apprehend criminals in the community, keeping prisons free of drugs or even serving in hospitals to protect patients, these AFSCME canines make public safety happen.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to recognize and celebrate our law enforcement members’ most revered and beloved dogs – and honor their courage and never quit spirit.

We solicited nominations to our AFSCME Law Enforcement Facebook group, inviting law enforcement members to post photos of their departments’ canines and to tell us a little bit about why he or she was so admired.

Three worthy dogs rose to the top of the pack, with one heroic canine emerging as the favorite.

Winner: “C.J.” of Buffalo, New York, Local 1095 (Council 66), Erie County Medical Center Hospital Police Department.

“C.J. and his handler, police officer Jerry Hoerner, are one of the founding K9 teams. C.J. is approaching retirement and has served the hospital and surrounding community faithfully for nearly 10 years.” – Rich Canazzi, Local 1095 President

Runner-up: “Lucas” of Taos, New Mexico, Local 2911 (Council 18), Taos County Sheriff’s Office.

About Lucas, according to the nomination: “Lucas is dual trained in detection and protection and is credited with several busts. Don’t let the size fool you: Dynamite comes in small packages.”

Runner-up: “Blumer” of Syracuse, New York, Local 834 (CSEA) Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office – Corrections

About Blumer, according to the nomination: “Blumer is an integral part of detecting and preventing the flow of criminal narcotic contraband into Onondaga County jails. Blumer has a heart of gold and is as ambitious as they come. He’s been credited with several ‘finds’ that have led to criminal prosecution.”

From left to right: CJ, Lucas, Blumer

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