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Union 411: It’s all about the NEO

Union 411: It’s all about the NEO
By Elissa McBride ·

One of the most important parts of staying AFSCME Strong is New Employee Outreach (NEO). And one of the most important parts of NEO is having one-on-one conversations with our co-workers, beginning the moment they are hired.

In this brand-new video, Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride explains the how and why behind NEO, focusing on the role that every AFSCME member can play in welcoming and recruiting new members. If your local is building or rebuilding your NEO program, this Union 411 video is especially for you!

This video is part of the Union 411 series, which explains union basics and how to build strong locals. Each video is short and is focused on a specific topic, like your right to form a union and what is in your union contract. Check out the entire Union 411 series here! And be on the lookout for new videos coming soon.

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