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Contact: Tiffany Ricci

Saunders: While the economy continues to stumble, McConnell refuses to act

Following the release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Situation report for September, AFSCME President Lee Saunders issued the following statement:

“Today’s report demonstrates the economy’s continued sluggishness. Public sector employment declined by 216,000, a huge blow to the public service workers who are on the front lines of fighting COVID-19. Since February, state and local governments have shed more than 1.2 million jobs.

“The drop in the unemployment rate paints a false picture of the economy. Americans know the truth: millions of jobs are permanently gone, tens of thousands of businesses have shuttered forever and millions of workers have lost hope and left the job market altogether. As more provisions of the CARES Act expire, more devastating job losses and a deeper recession loom if Congress doesn’t step up.

“But Mitch McConnell couldn’t care less. He and his caucus have refused to work in good faith with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and pro-worker lawmakers who have passed multiple COVID-19 relief bills – including one last night – that would save jobs, renew enhanced unemployment benefits, deliver vital aid to struggling sectors of the economy and ease the suffering of working families nationwide.”