34th International Convention - Philadelphia (2000)


  1. Support for Increased Access to Prescription Drug Coverage
  2. Protecting the Rights of Disabled Workers
  3. Winning Good Contracts through Member Mobilization
  4. Labors Vital Interest in Organizing Union Retirees
  5. Organizing Head Start Workers
  6. Support for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Issues
  7. Privatization of Highways
  8. Welfare Reform
  9. Increase Federal Housing and Community Development Block Grant Funding
  10. School Vouchers
  11. Paraprofessionals in the Classroom
  12. Building Union Power within Industries
  13. Universal Health Coverage
  14. Drug and Alcohol Testing
  15. Reducing Medical Errors
  16. Administrators Making Decisions about Medical Coverage to the Harm and Detriment of Patients
  17. Creation of AFSCME Veterans Advisory Committeee
  18. Employment Security and the Workforce System
  19. Expanding Communications Capacities of AFSME Affiliates
  20. Reducing Needlestick Injuries
  21. Declining Timber Sales and County Revenues
  22. Hospital/Medical Insurance Coverage
  23. Initiation and Reinstatement Fees
  24. PEOPLE Training and Education
  25. Defending Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  26. AFSCME International Scholarship for the National Labor College
  27. Implementing Quality Services in Government
  28. Joint Training and Workforce Development Programs
  29. Support for Paid Family Leave
  30. Leadership Development
  31. PEOPLE Checkoff
  32. Strengthening the Public Health Safety Net
  33. AFSCME Strategic Plan for the Future
  34. An Organizing Model of Labor Education
  35. Using Health and Safety to Build the Union
  36. Charter Schools
  37. Non-Physicians Making Medical Determinations on Claimants Applying for Social Security Disability
  38. Cesar Chavez Holiday
  39. Quality Care, Quality Jobs
  40. Create 15 Year Incentive For PEOPLE Program
  41. Removing Symbols of the Confederacy
  42. Raising the Minimum Limits for Filing the 990 and 990-EZ Forms
  43. Defending the Human Rights of the People of Vieques, Puerto Rico
  44. Cancel the Debt of Developing Countries
  45. The Battle For an OSHA Ergonomics Standard
  46. Electronic Commerce and the State Sales and Use Tax
  47. The Crisis in Our Criminal Justice System
  48. Support For Local Treasurers
  49. Member Only Benefits
  50. Skyrocketing Corporate Executives' Incomes
  51. Support of Immigrants and Refugees to Join a Union
  52. Truth in Manufacturing
  53. Privacy Rights for Public Employees
  54. Allow Free Exchange Between Trade Unionists
  55. Maintain Social Security Benefits
  56. Establish a National Caucus for Social Service Employees
  57. Bargaining to Organize
  58. Support for AFSCME'S Organizing Program
  59. Organizing Convention
  60. Invest in America Now
  61. Enforcing State Employees' Rights
  62. Coordinated Effort to Enhance the Image of Public Service
  63. Collective Bargaining Rights and Public Employees
  64. Census 2000
  65. The AFSCME Privatization Campaign
  66. The 2000 Elections
  67. Support for the Campaign for Global Fairness
  68. Opposing Prison Privatization
  69. Goals of the PEOPLE Program
  70. Central Collection of Union Dues
  71. Support International Conventions on Women's Rights