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Resolutions & Amendments

37th International Convention - Chicago, IL (2006)

An Amendment to Authorize Councils and Unaffiliated Local Unions to Review the Finances of their Affiliated Subordinate Bodies

Amendment No. 6
37th International Convention
August 7-11, 2006
Chicago, IL


That the International Union Constitution, Article IX, Section 30, is amended to read as follows:

Section 30.  The financial books and other records of subordinate bodies, including financial books and other records concerning any health and welfare, pension, insurance or other benefit programs covering members of such subordinate bodies, shall be open to inspection at any time by representatives accredited for the purpose by the International President or the International Secretary-Treasurer.  Such inspection may be made at reasonable places and times designated by the accredited representatives for the purpose and the books and records may be taken into possession by the representative upon giving receipt therefor.  The principal financial officer of each subordinate body shall see that any financial reports required by this Constitution to be submitted to the International Union are submitted in accordance with this Constitution.  At least once each year, the International Union shall review and, where appropriate, audit the financial books and other records of each council and each local having 2,000 or more members.  Such review or audit shall be conducted in accordance with the AFSCME Financial Standards Code and generally accepted accounting, administrative and management principles.  Prior to or during such review or audit, the International Union may require that the council or local provide such financial reports and other information as may be needed to properly conduct the review or audit.  Upon the completion of the review or audit, the International Union shall issue a report to the subordinate body containing the findings of the review or audit.  Such report shall advise the subordinate body of any deficiencies or improprieties found, any actions required to remedy such deficiencies or improprieties and any recommended actions to improve the financial practices of the subordinate body.  An audit conducted pursuant to this provision shall not be in lieu of the audit that would otherwise be required under the subordinate body’s constitution unless the International Union specifically notifies the subordinate body that the audit satisfies the requirements of the subordinate body’s constitution.  Each council and unaffiliated local shall be authorized to review and, where appropriate, audit the financial books and records of any of its affiliated subordinate bodies,  whether chartered or not,  having less than 2000 members and, in exercising this authority, shall apply the same standards and procedures as are applicable to the International Union in conducting reviews or audits pursuant to this Section.  Meetings of subordinate bodies shall be open to accredited representatives of the International Union.  Shall any officer or officers of any subordinate body refuse or fail to permit any accredited representative to carry out the duties set forth in this section, the International Union, or, where appropriate, the council or local with which such subordinate body is affiliated, may take appropriate legal or disciplinary action.  All financial records of subordinate bodies of the Federation, including financial records concerning any health and welfare, pension, insurance or other benefit programs covering members of such subordinate bodies, shall be retained, in their original form, for a minimum of six years from the date of such records.  The International President, upon reasonable notice, may call a special meeting of a subordinate body, its executive board or any other governing body to transact such business as the International President or an accredited representative of the President shall bring before it.