37th International Convention - Chicago, IL (2006)


  1. Oppose the Bush Healthcare Agenda
  2. Reforming Government Contracting To Protect Against Privatization Problems
  3. Fix Medicare’s Part D Prescription Drug Benefit
  4. Protecting Retiree Health Care Benefits
  5. AFSCME’s Health Care Reform Blueprint for 2007 and 2008
  6. Opposing Proposals To Establish Sunset Commissions
  7. Organizing Pension Power to Fight Corporate Abuse and Preserve Secure Retirements for Members
  8. Pandemic Preparedness
  9. Child Care is a Need and a Right
  10. Opposition to Voter I.D. Programs
  11. Support for Extension of the Voting Rights Act of 1965
  12. Sweatshops
  13. Protecting our Public Schools
  14. Support Our Troops and Veterans: End the War and Bring Them Home!
  15. Expanding Federal Support for Child Care and Organizing Child Care Workers
  16. An AFSCME Agenda for Corrections`
  17. Safe Staffing and Strong Unions in Healthcare
  18. Employee Free Choice Act
  19. Building Affiliate Communications Capacity
  20. Ballot Initiatives
  21. Strategic Planning
  22. Wal-Mart
  23. Maintaining America's Investment in the Head Start Program
  24. Fighting Proposals to Privatize the Social Security
  25. Civil Service Reform
  26. Employment Security and the Workforce System
  27. Unions Fight to Protect Injured Workers
  28. Establishing a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Through Contract Negotiations
  29. Fighting for Fair Federal Budget and Tax Policies
  30. Funding Public Services and Infrastructure
  31. Maximizing Use of the Internet for Member Communication and Activism and Projecting AFSCME's Vision to the World
  32. Preserving Public Pension Plans
  33. Privatization-Government for Sale
  34. Protecting Labor Rights
  35. Support from Public Officials for Organizing Campaigns
  36. Organizing Hospital Workers
  37. Absentee, Permanent Absentee and Early Voting
  38. Recruiting and Training AFSCME Organizers and Volunteer Member Organizers
  39. Supporting Quality, Affordable, and Safe Child Care
  40. State Legislative Agenda
  41. Environment
  42. Fair Trade
  43. Urge Congress to Enact Legislation Extending the Definition of “Immediate Family” Under the Family Medical Leave Act
  44. The Emerging Workforce
  45. Urge Congress to Enact Legislation Requiring Paid Family Medical Leave
  46. Free Speech for Public Employees
  47. Increasing Representation on Public Pension Plan Investment Boards
  48. Scholarship Fund
  49. Urge Congress to Enact Legislation Requiring Paid Parental Leave
  50. Working Group on Conservative Members
  51. Defend School Integration at the US Supreme Court and Save Brown V. Board of Education
  52. PEOPLE Fundraising Goals for the 2008 Elections
  53. AFSCME in the 21st Century
  54. Organize for Power
  55. Bringing AFSCME's Structure into the 21st Century
  56. Member and Leadership Training and Development
  57. An Rx for the Health Care Crisis
  58. People Power
  59. Building Respect and Support for Public Services and Public Service Workers
  60. 2006 Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  61. Defeat Ward Connerly
  62. Labor Unity
  63. Investigate the Actions of President George W. Bush
  64. Opposing Privatization of Public Services
  65. Support for Gateway Workers
  66. Supporting Public Service Workers and Services in New Orleans
  67. Supporting the Legalization of Medical Marijuana