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Resolutions & Amendments

37th International Convention - Chicago, IL (2006)

Organizing Pension Power to Fight Corporate Abuse and Preserve Secure Retirements for Members

Resolution No. 7
37th International Convention
August 7-11, 2006
Chicago, IL

AFSCME members rely on over 150 large public pension systems which hold combined assets of over $1.5 trillion for their retirement and future economic security; and

Corporate scandals and the loss of investor confidence in Wall Street that began with Enron and WorldCom and continue to this day have caused a $300 billion loss in public employee pension assets, putting severe pressure on state and local budgets to pay for retirement benefits; and

Skyrocketing CEO pay, which is now over 400 times that of an average worker, is often undeserved, has no relationship to company performance, and transfers money out of the pockets of workers and shareholders; and

Good corporate governance is recognized as essential for the optimal functioning of public companies, and to create shareholder and worker wealth. Yet many corporate boards are still dominated by entrenched CEOs and boards of directors that fail to act in the shareholders' and workers' long term economic interests; and

AFSCME has led shareholder reform efforts at major U.S. corporations such as AIG, Morgan Stanley and Home Depot and has played a leading role fighting for more democratic elections on corporate boards and has led the effort to restrain runaway executive pay.

That the retirement assets of AFSCME members invested through public and private pension systems be organized to take a more active role in challenging corporate abuses through the expansion of AFSCME members' power as shareholders; and
That AFSCME shall expand its role as a leading voice for institutional shareholders in the corporate boardroom and at annual shareholder meetings.
SUBMITTED BY: Veronica Montgomery-Costa, President and Delegate
Clifford Koppelman, Secretary and Delegate
James Tucciarelli, Vice President and Delegate
AFSCME Council 37
New York