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Resolutions & Amendments

37th International Convention - Chicago, IL (2006)

Oppose the Bush Healthcare Agenda

Resolution No. 1
37th International Convention
August 7-11, 2006
Chicago, IL

Since George Bush was elected in 2000, more than six million people have been added to the rolls of the uninsured with nearly 46 million now lacking health coverage; and

The employment-based system is eroding as the percentage of non-elderly covered by employer-sponsored insurance has dropped from 66 percent in 2000 to 61 percent as of 2004; and

Health coverage grows less affordable each year with the average employer-sponsored plan costing $4,024 for individual coverage and $10,880 for family coverage in 2005; and

Employers seeking to manage their health care expenses are attempting to shift more of their health care costs onto workers, demanding that employees shoulder a greater share of premiums and pay higher deductibles and co-pays; and

Workers without employer-sponsored coverage face even higher costs as individually purchased policies are much more expensive than job-based group coverage with similar benefits; and

Rather than proposing policies that address the growing number of uninsured and the increasing cost of coverage, President Bush is pushing proposals that would undermine employer-provided coverage, drive up health care costs for working families and override state patient protection laws; and

President Bush is urging the expansion of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), which are savings accounts tied to high deductible health plans that require families to spend up to $5,450 each year on health care before their insurance begins to pay for services; and
Tax features of the President’s HSA proposal would also encourage many employers to terminate employer-sponsored coverage altogether, forcing workers to purchase their own policies in the individual market where premiums are much higher; and

President Bush is also supporting Association Health Plans (AHPs) and other schemes that would allow insurers to ignore state patient protection laws that require insurers to cover emergency services, maternity care, diabetes supplies, cancer screenings, child check-ups and immunizations and other basic services.  AHPs and related schemes would also drive up the cost of more comprehensive coverage that working families need.

That AFSCME will oppose President Bush’s efforts to expand Health Savings Accounts and enact Association Health Plans and related schemes that would make our ailing health care system worse. AFSCME will forward this resolution to the AFL-CIO for their support.
SUBMITTED BY: Anthony Caso, Delegate
AFSCME Local 680, Council 93
Francis Moroney, Delegate
AFSCME Local 1358, Council 93