43rd International Convention - Boston, MA (2018)


  1. Saluting and Supporting the Role and the Leadership of Women and Youth in Building the Movement Against Donald Trump and His Vision for America
  2. Defending AFSCME After JANUS: National Campaign of Labor Action
  3. Ensuring Higher Education Meets its Obligation to Students
  4. Denouncing Erosion of Regulation Policy Under the Trump Administration
  5. In Support of Youth Service Workers
  6. Hurricane Recovery and Fiscal Relief for Puerto Rico and the Need for a Marshall Plan
  7. Protect Federal Government Employees and the Services They Provide
  8. National Labor Relations Board and Federal Labor Relations Authority: It's Time to Protect Worker's Rights
  9. All Workers are Created Equal
  10. Protect the Rights of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People
  11. Dr. King and Labor!
  12. Worker and Community Engagement
  13. Adopt Single Payer
  14. Opposing Medicaid Cuts
  15. #Never Again: A Call for School Safety
  16. Unite and Stand Up for Communities Under Attack
  17. Opposing the Trump Infrastructure Plan
  18. Repeal Harmful Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and Big Corporations
  19. Resolution to Support a National Ban on Conversion Therapy
  20. In Honor of Mr. Paul Booth
  21. Hybrid Campaigns: Political Action and AFSCME Strong
  22. Opposing Sabotage of the Affordable Care Act
  23. Let the People Decide: Supporting Fair Redistricting
  24. New Employee Outreach - Essential for Our Future
  25. Accreting New Members
  26. Black Mold and Habitation
  27. Voting Rights
  28. Stop Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security
  29. Protecting and Developing Affordable Housing
  30. Campaign Finance Reform and Overturning Citizens United
  31. Pay Equity
  32. AFSCME's Power to Educate
  33. Living Wage for Workers
  34. Intersectionality
  35. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  36. Electronic Voting for Union Officer Elections
  37. Climate Change: the Real Job-Killer? Transitioning to Sustainable Jobs and a Sustainable Future
  38. Public Policies to Build Our Union
  39. An Economic Agenda for All
  40. Fairness and Balance in the Federal Judiciary and Nominations Process
  41. Support for the #METOO Movement
  42. Power Through External Organizing
  43. Get Out the Vote in 2018
  44. Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King's Legacy & The Poor People's Campaign
  45. AFSCME Rejects Immigration Policy Based on Fear
  46. AFSCME Strong and Beyond
  47. PEOPLE
  48. Preserving Exclusive Representation
  49. Stop the CMS Rule, Support Home Care Workers' Freedom to Pay Dues by Payroll Deduction
  50. Containing Prescription Drug Costs