45th International Convention - Philadelphia (2022)


  1. Expanding Public Sector Apprenticeships
  2. Enhancing Medicare to Include Dental, Hearing and Vision Coverage
  3. Use American Rescue Plan Funds to Strengthen the Public Sector Workforce
  4. Reaffirming the Value of Child Care Providers
  5. Student Debt Relief
  6. Fighting for Workers and Public Services
  7. Fighting and Expanding Support for Full Repeal of the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset
  8. All Home Care Providers Deserve a Secure Retirement with Medicare and Social Security
  9. Expanding Access to Home and Community-Based Services
  10. Cultural Workers United
  11. Long-Term Federal Investments in Public Services
  12. Privatizing Human Services
  13. Crisis in Corrections
  14. Mandatory Staffing Ratios Save Lives and Lower the Cost of Health Care
  15. Infrastructure
  16. New Employee Outreach
  17. Limiting the Use of Travel Nurses Ensures Patient Care, Lowers Health Care Costs and Reinforces Standards of Care
  18. Promote Targeted Investment in Nursing Education
  19. OSHA – Fully Protect Our Workers
  20. Protecting Corrections and 24/7 Workers from Overtime Abuse
  21. Strategic Engagement in Workforce Development
  22. Trans Autonomy
  23. Growing and Connecting Union Child Care
  24. Continuing the Fight for Universal Health Care
  25. Reaching Our Full Potential
  26. The Right to Organize
  27. Advancing a Pro-Worker Agenda
  28. Mobilizing Members to Elect Labor Champions in 2022
  29. Voting Rights: Making Good Trouble
  30. Committing Our Union to Racial and Gender Equity (Courage)
  31. Restoring Confidence in the Federal Judiciary
  32. Addressing Inflation to Create a Fair Economy
  33. Defending Reproductive Rights
  34. In Support of Commonsense Gun Laws
  35. Affordable Housing for Seniors
  36. Honoring Roberto Clemente
  37. Standing with the Cuban People and Against Oppression