42nd International Convention - Las Vegas, NV (2016)


  1. The Role of Unions in Building the Middle Class
  2. Addressing the Crisis in Higher Education
  3. Increase the Minimum Wage
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Increasing Lost-Timer Participation in Political Programs
  6. Political Candidate Accountability
  7. Protecting and Expanding the Right to Vote
  8. Resolution to Create a Convention Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resolutions
  9. Flint Water Crisis
  10. Fiscal Relief, Debt Restructuring and Puerto Rico Workers' Pensions and Labor Rights Protection
  11. Strengthening Long Term Services and Supports
  12. Creating Jobs and Tax Revenue for Public Services with Cannabis Regulation and Legalization
  13. Preventing Workplace Violence
  14. Stop Corporate Tax Inversions
  15. Divest from Private Prisons, Reinvest in the People
  16. Urge Corporate Withdrawal from ALEC
  17. Divest from Carbon, Reinvest in People
  18. Pension Transparency for AFSCME
  19. Affiliation of Independent Unions and Associations
  20. Repeal the ACA's Excise Tax on High Cost Health Plans
  21. Immigration Reform
  22. On-Demand Economy
  23. AFSCME Data Infrastructure
  24. Statehood for the District of Columbia
  25. Supporting Public and Affordable Housing
  26. Paid Parental and Sick Leave
  27. Pay Equity
  28. Strengthening Social Security
  29. Resolution Recognizing the Opiate Epidemic in the United States
  30. Support for Fallen Heroes
  31. Support for the LGBTQ Community
  32. The Risks of Climate Change
  33. Standing in Solidarity with AFSCME Members in Illinois
  34. Improving Access to Rural Health Care
  35. Doctors are Workers, Too
  36. Gun Violence Needs to be Treated as a Public Health Problem
  37. Convention Follow-up
  38. Resolution to Encourage Support of Constituency Group Participation by AFSCME Members by Sending Members to the Constituency Group National Conventions
  39. In Defense of Public Higher Education
  40. In Support of Affordable Housing
  41. National Health Service Corps Student Loan Repayment
  42. Racial Justice and Public Safety
  43. AFSCME Strong
  44. Building Our Union by Sharing Stories of How AFSCME Members Never Quit
  45. Support for a Comprehensive Approach to End Mass Shootings
  46. Senate Must End Obstruction and Vote on Judicial Nominees
  47. Using AFSCME Interpreters for International Union Events
  48. Resolution to Condemn the Attack on Los Angeles Civil Service Workers
  49. Elimination of the Unfair GPO and the WEP Provisions of the Social Security Act