39th International Convention - Boston, MA (2010)


  1. Develop and Implement Technology Utilization Criteria for AFSCME Locals
  2. Child Nutrition Expansion
  3. Women's Leadership Development
  4. Climate Change Action Plan
  5. Preparing AFSCME Health Care Workers for Health Information Technology in the Workplace
  6. Preserving Public Safety In Tough Fiscal Times
  7. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Reauthorization
  8. Commercial Drivers License Suspensions
  9. Elimination of Unfair Taxation on Domestic Partner Medical Benefits
  10. Fighting Privatization of Human Services Delivery Systems
  11. Growing AFSCME's Online Presence Through Investment and Innovation
  12. Health Care Committee
  13. Honoring AFSCME Local 1598
  14. Honoring All Veterans With A Day Off Of Work
  15. Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act of 2009
  16. Promoting and Protecting Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  17. Strengthening the Financial Integrity of the Unemployment Insurance Program
  18. Support Full Funding of Libraries
  19. Water Localization
  20. Federal Operating Assistance for Public Transit
  21. Fight for Passage of the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act
  22. AFSCME and School Reform
  23. Pension Fund Activism
  24. Child Care
  25. Scholarships for AFSCME Adult Members
  26. Strengthening the Wagner-Peyser System
  27. People Over Machines – Lock Up Doc in the Box
  28. Support the Troops, Bring Them Home, Rebuild America
  29. Supporting 45 Years of the Head Start Program
  30. Local Union Leadership Academy
  31. Tell the President to End the Fair Labor Standards Exemption for Home Care Workers
  32. AFSCME Will Hold Politicians Accountable
  33. Occupational Health and Safety
  34. AFSCME's Commitment to Organize Private Not-For-Profit Educational and Social Services Must Be Redoubled
  35. Worker Representation on Deferred Compensation Plan Boards
  36. Paid Parental Leave
  37. Protecting Public Housing
  38. Recognizing Contributions of First Generation Immigrants
  39. Safer Workplace for All Workers
  40. Strengthening Social Security
  41. Supporting Children and Families Nationally Through Federal Grants
  42. Solve Budget Crises Across the United States and Save the Middle Class
  43. Lyme Disease: Treatment and Prevention
  44. Supporting American Red Cross Workers’ Fight for Fair Contracts
  45. AFSCME-Supported Lawmakers To Strive To Keep America First
  46. AFSCME Green
  47. AFSCME Jobs Campaign
  48. Commitment to PEOPLE MVP Goal
  49. Fight for Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act
  50. Fair Taxes and Economic Recovery
  51. Financial Services Reform
  52. Labor Unity
  53. Organizing in Tough Economic Times – Now More Than Ever
  54. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  55. School Improvement Grants, Race to the Top and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  56. The 2010 Elections and Redistricting
  57. The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform
  58. The Next Wave
  59. Immigration Reform
  60. Rebuilding Haiti
  61. The Attack on Unions and Public Services
  62. Stopping Privatization
  63. The ADA and Reasonable Accommodation
  64. Medical and Worker’s Compensation Leave Should Count as Time Worked for FMLA Coverage
  65. Establish the William Lucy Labor Scholarship Fund
  66. Support from AFSCME in Possible New Union Representation Elections in Council 95 Locals and in Political Negotiations with the Government to Cancel the Fiscal Emergency Law