38th International Convention - San Francisco, CA (2008)


  1. Oppose the Collapse of AES/PHEAA Student Loan Programs
  2. Hatch Act Reform
  3. Occupational Health and Safety
  4. Fight for Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act
  5. Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace
  6. Corporate Greed
  7. Preserving Retirement Security
  8. Strategic Planning
  9. State Legislative Agenda
  10. Fair Taxes and Economic Policy
  11. Opposing Medicare Privatization
  12. Employer Neutrality Agreements
  13. Fair Pay Restoration Act
  14. Fight for Public Universal National Health Care and Increased Access to Care
  15. Child Care is a Need and a Right
  16. Infrastructure
  17. Repeal of the 2005 Federal Budget Reconciliation Act
  18. Enhancing Member Communications and Activism Through the Use of New Media
  19. Minimum Wage - Index for Inflation
  20. Promoting Health Care Quality Improvement
  21. AFSCME International as Source of Shared Union Software
  22. Adopt "Working Family Values" Principles
  23. Require Minimum Standards of Labor Councils/Federations for AFSCME Local Membership
  24. America's Public Safety Employees
  25. Protect State and Local Revenue from Federal Pre-Emption
  26. AFSCME Leadership Academy
  27. Hospital Staffing
  28. Defending and Strengthening Social Security
  29. Protecting Public Housing
  30. Global Warming and Green Jobs
  31. Feasibility Study of Electronic Ratifications and Elections
  32. National Health Coverage
  33. Alternative Work Schedules and Telecommuting
  34. Fighting Privatization of Government Services
  35. In Support Of Protecting Trade Unionists And Opposing The Free Trade Agreement Between The United States And Colombia
  36. Fair Share Social Security
  37. Funding and Delivery of Federal Benefits
  38. Get Involved to Win
  39. Women's Right to Vote
  40. Social Service, Public Assistance and Child Support Caseload Standards
  41. Employment Law Commentaries
  42. Next Wave Caucus
  43. Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
  44. Oppose Restrictive Change to the Family and Medical Leave Act and Support Federal and Local Legislation Providing Paid Family Leave
  45. Fix the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program
  46. Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act (CLASS Act)
  47. Overtime and Minimum Wage Protection for Home Health Care Workers
  48. A National Anti-Workplace Violence Strategy for Public Service and Not-For-Profit Employees
  49. Direct Care Workers Need Sustained Wage Increases and Training
  50. Increase Food Stamps for Seniors and the Disabled
  51. Secure the Nation's Head Start Program
  52. Scholarships for AFSCME Adult Members
  53. Supporting Quality, Affordable and Safe Child Care
  54. Trade
  55. AFSCME Support in the Fight Against Women's Cancers
  56. Leveling the Field: Collective Bargaining for Doctors
  57. Build Member Activism and Enhance Political Capacity
  58. Trade Act
  59. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the AFSCME National Women's Advisory Committee (NWAC)
  60. Health Care for America Now!
  61. Organizing Public Sector Retirees
  62. PEOPLE Fundraising
  63. Promoting Public Service Workers and the Public Services that Keep our Families Safe and Make our Communities Strong
  64. The Iraq War, Soldiers and Veterans
  65. AFSCME’S Unity Agenda for 2009
  66. Banking and Housing Crisis
  67. Building the Power to Win in the 21st Century
  68. Congress Must Provide States with Fiscal Relief
  69. Fighting the Use of Invasive Technology in the Workplace
  70. Re-Solidifying a Partnership within Combined Charitable Campaigns
  71. Combating Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Infections
  72. Public Safety and the Mentally Ill
  73. The Mortgage Crisis
  74. Cesar Chavez National Holiday
  75. Supporting the Construction of a Permanent Memorial for Fallen Emergency Medical Service Personnel in our Nation's Capital
  76. Terminate Schwarzenegger's Minimum Wage Order