31st International Convention - San Diego, CA (1994)


  1. Following Public Service Work into the Private Sector: Organizing For-profit and Non-profit Employers
  2. Federal Legislation for Corrections Personnel
  3. PEOPLE Checkoff and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTS)
  4. Increase Federal Housing and Community Development Block Grant Funding
  5. AFSCME Corrections United Quarterly Newsletter
  6. Unfunded Mandates
  7. Fiscal Assistance to States and Localities
  8. AFSCME and the Community
  9. Collective Bargaining Legislation
  10. Drug and Alcohol Testing
  11. Pay Equity
  12. PEOPLE President's Club/VIP
  13. White House Conference on Aging
  14. Workplace Violence
  15. NAFTA Monitoring
  16. Protecting the Fair Labor Standards Act
  17. Disaster Relief Fund
  18. Election Day Voting Holiday
  19. Long Term Care
  20. Professional Employees
  21. Unemployment Insurance Funding
  22. Organizing the Unorganized
  23. Affiliation of Independent Associations
  24. Tuberculosis
  25. Health Care and Collective Bargaining
  26. Justice for Wards Cove Workers
  27. Earned Income Tax Credit
  28. Election Day Registration
  29. Government Pension Offset
  30. School Vouchers
  31. PEOPLE Committees
  32. Boy Scout Labor Merit Badge and Girl Scout Mother Jones Award
  33. The Filibuster
  34. Civil Rights Act Cap on Damages
  35. Federal Entitlement Programs
  36. Employment Services
  37. Term Limits and Voter Rights
  38. Fighting for the Rights of AFSCME Members with Disabilities
  39. Privatization/Contracting Out
  40. America Needs Public Investment, Now
  41. Consumer Education
  42. Restructuring Jobs in the Health Care Industry
  43. Volunteer Organizing
  44. Training for Correctional Officers
  45. Quality in Health Care
  46. Education/Leadership Development: an Organizing Model for Local Unions
  47. Tax Breaks for Economic Development
  48. Emergency Medical Services
  49. Gangs in Prisons and Jails
  50. Equity in Benefits for Domestic Partners/Nontraditional Families
  51. AFL-CIO Retiree Structure
  52. Disability Process Redesign
  53. Hatch Act Reform
  54. The Role of Unions in a Strong Economy
  55. Staffing in Prisons and Jails
  56. Fair Immigration Policy
  57. AFSCME and the Environment
  58. Civil Rights for Gay and Lesbian Citizens
  59. Worker Rights and the Global Economy
  60. National Guard
  61. Support Reporter Sandy Nelson's ACLU Suit to Protect Workers' Free Speech
  62. Assault Weapons
  63. National Day Care Policy
  64. Welfare Reform
  65. Reparations
  66. Oppose Proposed 5% Tax on Mercedes Benz Alabama Workers
  67. National Health Care Reform
  68. Labor Law Reform
  69. Occupational Safety and Health
  70. Redesigning Government: the AFSCME Approach
  71. AFSCME Agenda for Urban America
  72. The Contingent Workforce
  73. Communicating with the General Public
  74. Protecting the mailing rights of union publications
  75. A to Z Spending Cut Plan
  76. Trade Union Solidarity
  77. In Support of Democracy in Haiti
  78. United States Relations with Cuba
  79. Human Rights in Mexico and China
  80. Democracy in South Africa
  81. Universal School Feeding
  82. San Diego