30th International Convention - Las Vegas, NV (1992)


  1. Supporting the Phillips-Van Heusen Campaign
  2. Civil Rights Caps on Damages
  3. Drug and Alcohol Testing
  4. Women's Health Needs
  5. Prison Labor Programs
  6. Unemployment Compensation for Non-instructional School Employees
  7. PEOPLE Checkoff and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTS)
  8. Protecting Nurse Aides from Abuse and Neglect Charges
  9. AFSCME Training-the-trainers Programs
  10. Motor Voter Registration
  11. Transportation Policy
  12. Protecting Retirement Systems
  13. Municipal Bankruptcy
  14. Correctional Employees' Health and Safety
  15. Occupational Safety and Health Act Reform
  16. The Contingent Workforce
  17. Performance Testing
  18. New Challenges Related to the Fair Labor Standards Act
  19. Restructuring Jobs in the Health Care Industry
  20. Term Limits and Voter Rights
  21. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  22. Workplace Fairness Act
  23. PEOPLE Presidents Club/VIP
  24. Eldercare
  25. 1992 Voter Frustration
  26. Participation in Tax Coalitions
  27. Family Support System
  28. Women in AFSCME
  29. Local/Council Education Committees
  30. Full Funding for State Job Service Center Services
  31. PEOPLE Goal for 1994 Elections
  32. Wellness Programs
  33. Local and Council Environmental Initiatives
  34. Occupational Health and Safety
  35. Sexual Harassment
  36. Social Security Government Pension Offset
  37. PEOPLE Committees
  38. Latch Key Children
  39. Child Welfare Services
  40. Contracting Out
  41. Elimination of the Electoral College
  42. Health Insurance Buy-back Plans
  43. Election Day Registration
  44. Overcrowding in Prisons
  45. Employee Assistance Programs
  46. Taking Social Security Administration Off-budget
  47. Consumer Protection
  48. Fighting for the Rights of AFSCME Members with Disabilities
  49. SSI Modernization
  50. Tuberculosis
  51. Domestic Violence
  52. Assaults by Inmates Against Corrections Employees
  53. Negotiating Adequate Health Care
  54. No More Willie Hortons
  55. Election Day Voting Holiday
  56. Collective Bargaining Legislation
  57. Workplace Discrimination and the Impact on Retired Women
  58. An End to Bush-league Governing
  59. Substance Abuse
  60. District of Columbia Statehood
  61. Worthy Wage Day
  62. Hunger
  63. Affordable Housing
  64. Eliminating Racism
  65. Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
  66. North American Free Trade Agreement
  67. National Labor Relations Board
  68. Middle East Peace Talks
  69. Right-to-work Laws
  70. Abolish the "IMD Rule"
  71. Work Toward the Appointment of Para-professionals on the Boards of National Health Care Accrediting Bodies
  72. Domestic Partner Benefits
  73. Labor History Week
  74. National Monument Honoring Black Americans in the American Revolution
  75. Privatization of Federal Libraries and Document Depositories
  76. Public Library Appropriations
  77. Support of Free Speech for Reporters
  78. Parity for Non-profit Workers
  79. The Use of Pesticides in South America
  80. Day Care Services by Employers
  81. Recycling
  82. Organizing the Unorganized
  83. Tribute to Retiring Members of the International Executive Board
  84. Code of Conduct for Investors in a Democratic South Africa
  85. National Health Insurance
  86. Government and the Economy in the 1990s
  87. Increased Federal Aid for State and Local Governments
  88. Using the Peace Dividend to Rebuild America
  89. Resolving the Urban Crisis
  90. Opposition to a Constitutional Amendment to Require a Balanced Budget
  91. AFSCME and the Environment
  92. Restructuring and Delivering Quality Services
  93. Peace in the Balkans