33rd International Convention - Honolulu, HI (1998)


  1. Electricity Deregulation
  2. Civil Rights
  3. Inmate Labor
  4. Strategic Assistance and Input for AFSCME Communicators
  5. PEOPLE Training and Education
  6. Support for Model Public Employee Retirement System Act
  7. Worker Rights and the Global Economy
  8. Occupational Safety and Health
  9. United States Relations with Cuba and Humanitarian Relief
  10. Preserving a Continuum of Quality Services for the Elderly and Disabled
  11. Corporatization of Health Care and the Danger to Quality
  12. Universal Health Insurance Must Be a Priority
  13. Establishment Of "Buy-Union" Program For Unionized Purchasers Of Health Care
  14. AFSCME Gay and Lesbian Advisory Committee Activities
  15. PEOPLE Checkoff and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTS)
  16. Sweat Shops, Slave Wages and Child Labor Law Violations
  17. Library Support
  18. Fighting Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
  19. Defend Affirmative Action and Defeat Washington State Initiative 200
  20. Changing to Organize
  21. The National Labor College
  22. Child Care
  23. The Member Action Team
  24. Keeping State and Local Tax Systems Up-to-Date With the New Internet Economy
  25. Steward/Worker Educator Program
  26. Using Effective Communications in Support of Organizing
  27. PEOPLE Committees
  28. Labor Law Reform - A Tale of Two Countries, the United Kingdom and the United States
  29. Domestic Violence
  30. School Vouchers
  31. Energizing Our Membership for Political and Legislative Action
  32. Tobacco
  33. United Nurses of America
  34. Privatizing Health and Human Services
  35. Elimination/Privatization of Veterans Employment Services
  36. Implementing Quality Services in Government
  37. Opposing Prison Privatization
  38. Disability Process Redesign
  39. Education/Leadership Development
  40. Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services
  41. Workplace Violence
  42. Managed Care
  43. Public Employee Pensions
  44. PEOPLE Goal for 2000 Elections
  45. Budgeting Responsibly in Good Times
  46. Fighting for Living Wages and Labor Rights
  47. Retirees: Raising the Food Stamp Allotment
  48. Defending Defined Benefit Plans
  49. Preserving the Safety Net and Protecting Jobs in the States
  50. Building Union Strength in Pre-Collective Bargaining Law States
  51. AFSCME Corrections United
  52. Joint Training and Workforce Development Programs
  53. AFSCME Scholarship Programs
  54. Inmates With Mental Illness and With Developmental Disabilities in Prisons and Jails
  55. HMO Reform
  56. Devolution of Unemployment Insurance Programs to the States
  57. The 1998 Political Agenda: Issues of Children
  58. Federal Legislation for Corrections Employees
  59. Corporate Welfare and Tax Breaks for Economic Development
  60. Census 2000
  61. Cooperative Strategic Organizing Program
  62. Leveraging Health Care Purchasing Power
  63. Bargaining Assistance to Newly-Organized Units
  64. Support of AFL-CIO Constituent Organizations
  65. AFSCME Supports Affordable College Education for All, Especially Low Income Americans
  66. Welfare To Work: Doing the Right Thing
  67. Equitable Campaign Contribution Reforms
  68. Provide Labor TV Programming to Bring Information/Education to Workers in America
  69. Proposed Anti-Privatization Fund Dues Increase
  70. Pay Equity
  71. Common Sense Economics for AFSCME Members
  72. Social Security Privatization
  73. Countering the Right-Wing Assault on American Workers
  74. Pension Fund Activism
  75. Paycheck Protection
  76. Minimum Wage
  77. Internal Organizing
  78. The Future of Medicare
  79. AFSCME Leadership Academy
  80. Fostering Collaboration in States Among All AFSCME Affiliates
  81. Fighting Contracting Out